Our Causes

  • EMA helps the mentally ill destitute lying on the roads. With the help of a dedicated team to survey, analyse and pick up, the mentally challenged people

  • We have been instrumental in collecting 2201 blood bags in the past 3 years at various railway stations, extract from one blood bag saves 3 lives so in turn we have helped 6603 people.

  • Over the past 2 decades EMA along with Dr. K.C.Mohanty has transformed an acrid village, Patraj, in the Karjat Taluka, into the greenest village in Maharashtra.

  • Our various initiatives ensure continued social welfare amoung the Aadiwasi villages in and around Patraj.

  • A Multi Digonostic Medical Camp held at Sai Temple in Patraj Village, Raighad District . More than 200 people from Patraj and villages around it took advantage of this camp.

  • EMA has constructed a temple in village Pathraj, District Raigad, in a premise of 2 acres. The temples has a built up area of over 2000 Sq. Ft. EMA started this temple with the aim to bring about social upliftment of the adivasi villages in and around Pathraj village. The temple not only provided employment […]

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  • The HIV Nutrition Programme of this program is to provide them with basic nutrition which is vital along with the medication to ensures that they lead a healthy life.

  • Sai Marathon: The flag off was done by Advocate. Shri M.N. Deshmukh and Mr. Mahtab Khan at 7:45 am on 20th February 2011

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