Welcome Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Please accept Greetings from the Environmental Medical Association.

We are happy to extend our invitation to you for this year’s Annual National Conference of The Academy of Respiratory
Medicine under the aegies of The Environmental Medical Association; 23rd NESCON 2017, during 7th to 9th July-2017,at Hotel Retreat, Erangal Beach, Madh island, Mumbai.

Environmental Medical Association happens to be the first Medical Association, started in the year 1983 to bring awareness of the Environmental & Ecological balance for health care.

We have been involved in the field of Continued Medical Education Programs since 1987 initially under the banner of Indian Academy of Health & Sciences, and subsequently under Environmental Medical Association. We have always believed in
promoting the concepts that are new, eco-friendly and futuristic.

At 23rd NESCON 2017 we will have one more round of academic feast consisting of panel discussions, orations, quizzes,
debates and discussions. There will be presentations of scientific papers from PGs who are quiz winners. Interaction with senior faculty members and experts from all over India will be an additional highlight of the Conference. The topics of
discussion have been chosen with uttermost care to make it interesting. About 150 students from all over the country would be provided with complimentary registration & hospitality during conference. They will also be given a platform to present their research / original work at the conference.

We have been recognizing people with extra zeal, to work towards maintaining the ecological balance of the environment or upliftment of environment with Vishishtha Paryavaran Mitra, Ati Vishishtha Paryavaran Mitra & Param Vishishtha Paryavaran Mitra awards. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Guruji, His Excellency the Governor of Nagaland Shri P B Aacharyaji, Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde are few of the recipients’ of the award.

Again this year we are here to recognize the exceptional pioneering work carried out by any individual, institution or
organization with suitable awards. Please recommend suitable and deserving ones.

The venue has been carefully chosen for you, with a view to let you enjoy “The Famous Mumbai Rains”, with the Arabian Sea caressing it, making it a perfect blend of Nature’s beauty apart from warm and excellent hospitality. An all inclusive package would be provided to the participating delegates.

We are sure that you will keep these dates blocked to be with us at the Conference. Your contribution is invaluable to us.


Dr Agam Vora
Dr Nikhil Sarangdhar
Prof Dr P S Shankar
Prof Dir Dr K C Mohanty

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