On the 7th consecutive year of mass marriage – 26 couples got married according to the Vedic rituals on 6th March 2017. The couple came from Pune, Thane, Raigad & Ratnagiri district. They gathered at around 9 30am. The marriage ceremony started at 11 30 am followed by Havan & Sat Phera for each couple.

They then went to the main trample & took blessings of Ganapati, Saibaba & Pasi baba.

Each couple received the gift of Pant – Shirt piece, saris, shawl, and bed sheets – towels, Mangal sutra & steel utensils to set up the new house. Each of these couple had baratee of around 100 people with them.

We provided maha prasad (full meal) to 2500 persons. The whole ceremony was over by 1 30 pm – including the maha prasad. Everybody left for their homes by 2 pm. The compound which was full with 2500 people got empty in half an hour time.

Other unique thing that happened this year is that we gave opportunity to our next generation – i.e. our second generations. Mr. Chintamani ‘s son & daughter, Mr. Ashok’s Son & Mr. Mohan’s son – they did all the foot work along with Mr. Babu Pundlik , Mr. Balu & Nanda bai and all other temple workers. They themselves cooked food for 2500 people. We cooked 250 kg of rice, 50 Kg of Dal to prepare maha prasad. Of course we purchased 50 kg of Jalebi at the concessional rate to add to the maha prasad.

These are the people who are active workers but there are also many other people who are the passive workers & working in the back ground supporting our activities at each step. Their contribution is immense & we thank each & every one.

Our small endeavor has been since last 7 years to save the parents of bride & bridegrooms for falling in to loan trap, which may destroy their economy completely.

We wish other charitable organization should also take up similar tasks.

Our expertise is always available to guide them.

We hope to do to in a bigger scale next year.

With good wishes & blessings

Prof Dr K C Mohanty