Our Achievements

  • Promotion of social welfare schemes at village Patraj, District Raighad
  • We were able to convince Hon. Justice Shri. Rangnath Mishra to consider the right to clean air to breath, potable water to drink and palatable food to eat, as a Human Right.
  • Violation of this leads to Human Rights violation. He as the Chairman of the Human Right Association of India took cognizance of our complaints near the Deonar Dumping ground and it was looked into by the Goverment of Maharashtra.
  • Stoppage of use of Kerosene in auto rickshaws at Ahemdabad through the Prime Minister’s office – Shri.Narsimha Rao.
  • Our Representative accompanied Shri.Narasimha Raoji to the Earth Summit Conference at Rio.
  • We have organized 17 major Conferences on Environment on various topics and innumerable CME Programmes.
  • We were instrumental in bringing up the Green Bench in the High Court and Supreme Court and persuaded the Government to implement the “No Honking” Act.
  • Instrumental in banning smoking at public places.
  • Able to persuade the concerned authorities to green the traffic island, dividers between the highways and expressways and making compulsory the plantation of trees in housing societies.
  • Promoting the Environmental marathon of the School Children on the occasion of Shivaji’s Birthday at Raigad Fort covering a distance of 150-250Km. since last 10 years.
  • We have been able to persuade Adivasis to use alternate fuel in place of wood, reducing the tree cutting.
  • Our efforts to achieve the Environmental upkeep will run into pages. It has been all possible because of co-operation of medical/paramedical staff/Govt. agencies social workers of the media.

Dir. Prof. Dr. K. C. Mohanty
Founder President